TradeRush Review



TradeRush first joined the Binary Options trading market in 2011 and rapidly gained strong fame for providing a fresh take on binary options trading – user friendly, simple and enhanced in places where it counts. The entire point of this company was to get rid of all the unneeded filler and to strongly focus on what traders truly desire. Several years down the line, it became quite clear that this company’s team continues to closely listen and act upon its users feedback, evident to the fact that numerous improvements have been made throughout the years.


TradeRush critics are keen to mention that the 81% payout maximum is substantially lower than that provided by competitors. However, the major difference with this company is the method by which this sum is frequently provided, which can’t be said about all the platforms that guarantee 95%. This encapsulates the trustful approach that TradeRush has adopted to binary options trading – one of complete openness and transparency.

The current asset list goes well above the 150 mark and currently includes all of the major assets, commodities, indices and FOREX currency pairs. Again, it is important to mention that the TradeRush service team is constantly open to recommendations, which is why their list constantly grows with time.


When it comes to the actual platform, TradeRush is placed in its own league. They offer a culmination of several years of effective refinement and decades of wide experience, thus providing a platform that is simple to use and extremely powerful and rich with features. Its types of trading include the popular intricate Options Builder, 60-second trade, standard Put/Call trades, the One Touch Trades and the advanced Option Pro.

What is easy to notice with the platform provided by TradeRush is how it has been carefully designed to appeal to beginners and veterans alike. The platform can be accessed easily and quickly and traders never report on troubles with navigating it.


Fresh new traders can quickly get started with the entry level Mini Account, which requests no more than only 250 dollars as its minimum deposit and provides access to all features of the platform. The following step up is their Standard Account, which includes deposits of more than 500 dollars. This is followed by the Executive, Gold & the Platinum Accounts, which ask for 1,000 dollars, 5,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars respectively.

Bonus Payments

Even in the bottom of their ladder, beginners to binary options trader who go for their Mini Account will be provided a 20% bonus, which is attached to their initial deposit. Then ultimately increases with each of their higher-level accounts and may reach 75% for individuals going with the Platinum package.

Mobile Trading

Another big perk with the TradeRush experience is their free mobile trading application. This is compatible with both the Android and iOS mobile operating system. This app allows to continue trading binary options from just about any location around the world where an internet connection is available. Unlike many other rival mobile applications, the TradeRush application isn’t limited when it comes to functionality or features, you can do just about anything that is available in their regular platform.

Customer Service

TradeRush is quite a rare occurrence of a binary options broker that has 24/7 customer support. When it is put to the actual test, it sets itself apart from all of those brokers where one submits a ticket and waits numerous days until someone ultimately gets back to you. With TradeRush, you can expect a quick answer anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the answers come from a team that is just as knowledgeable as it is passionate about what it does.


TradeRush definitely deserves its place amongst the top binary options brokers in today’s market. It has managed to build a strong reputation and for good reason. We highly recommend it!