EZTrader Review



EZTrader began its initial operation way back in the year 2008. Some may not feel that six years is a very long time for business operation, however for a web-based business that its primary emphasis is Binary Options & Foreign Exchange, six years is quite a long time. EZTrader initially launched its own special binary options trading platform that includes a very particular vision: to transform online trading to an extremely easy act, as well as profitable and intriguing for traders of all levels around the world.


EZTrader has quite recently updated its easy-to-use platform in order to accommodate the developing requirements of its clients and update its unique system with the most up to date technological tools. In terms of safety, this binary options’ platform is completely secure by making use of state-of-the-art security measures.


This company sets very high standards via constantly maintaining a strong degree of profitability while also providing the biggest payouts currently available in the industry: almost 95% profit from one single trade.


EZTrader also provides the most extensive education center, which is regularly updated with loads of articles on the different binary options topics, strategies & financial data.


EZTrader additionally offers its loyal traders a simple, yet innovative mobile trading app that is available for both Smartphones and tablets, enabling them to stay up to date on trading anytime, anywhere. Due to the fact that there are various market places that operate at different time zones around the world, one can effectively trade just about anytime.


Platforms of EZTrader


This web-based, advanced platform was created to successfully accommodate traders of all kinds and levels. This platform doesn’t demand any sort of software download. It provides the option of placing positions which last about 60 seconds, several minutes, hours, days & weeks on assets from different geographical areas, thus allowing traders to benefit from a wide variety of items, along with trading assets that are active in various time zones.


Furthermore, EZTrader came up with a very special feature that may only be accessed via its special platform. The “SellOption” feature allows the selling of the traders’ option back to the initial broker before his option reaches the expiration time.




Variety is the strong name of the game when discussing assets in the current financial markets. EZTrader has successfully created an in-house platform which provides close to one hundred assets from across all of the major sectors and marketplaces. This includes different industries like banking, technological and pharmaceutical from the U.S., Asian and European Markets. The loyal EZTraders users also have the option to trade on different leading indices and futures stocks, commodities, indices and also currency pairs that are widely available in various expirations.


Promotions & Bonus


EZTrader takes strong pride in being the industry’s most competitive platform for binary options trading in today’s extremely crowded financial industry. This is one of the primary reasons why it has evolved and become so popular amongst traders around the globe. Take into consideration the following before you make a decision on a platform for trade: EZTrader offers up to 95 percent payout on one single trade, along with the refund percentage from your initial trading sum if an unsuccessful trade occurred.


Withdrawals & Deposits


When making use of EZTrader, deposits and withdrawals are made to be done quickly, secure & hassle-free. This platform effectively supports various different payment techniques (all primary credit cards, Moneybookers, wire transfer, and more), along with different local payment ways. By providing additional methods, EZTraders extends the level of flexibility that is provides to its traders in order to properly accommodate them, along with their particular financial restraints.


In Conclusion


Since it is one of the very few regulated operations in Europe, thus being a trustful binary options broker, EZTrader is well considered to be a leader in offering its users a trading experience and service like no other, on a highly-advanced and easy-to-use interface. It comes to no surprise that this specific brokerage has become so strong in today’s industry of binary options, and its fastly growing popularity proves that.